Warrington Volleyball Club

6 Quick Volleyball Questions With Aaron McLoughlin.


Volleyball is literally my life outside of work. I have a lot to thank Serena for back in 2012!

1. How were you first introduced to Volleyball?

January 2012, my friend from School, Serena, wanted to try out a club she had seen an advert for in the hallowed Broomfields leisure centre. Alongside Jack and Sophie the 4 of us hesitantly snook into the sports hall where we could see Rob walloping a volleyball at the net, hear Phil wailing at the other men and a beaming grin from the other side of the net...it was Joan Lancaster! She asked us if we had played before...we all said “no, but we have played badminton!”. Then she said “pick up a ball and lets go over to the wall and have a go.”. Along with Phil, Rob and Ross, they helped us all improve, and two of us are still playing at the Club.

2. What was the most difficult skill to master on court?

Early on it was Digging, passing a ball off your forearms seemed bizarre, to be honest it still does. I am very academic in everything I do, so I used to get very frustrated with myself not being able to pass the ball in the right direction. Still the odd ball doesn’t go in the right direction but I would like to think I have improved a bit. The other skill is being able to work as a team, before volleyball I had never been in any teams at school, only ever playing Club level Singles Badminton.

3. What makes you most proud of our Volleyball Family?

We have a real range of ages at our club, something that not every volleyball club has, its a real joy when I (before Lock Down) would walk in on a Sunday afternoon after NW/NVL training or racing and be brought back down to earth with Brenda’s humour or izzy and Jackie having another Mother/Daughter argument ;). It really does feel like one big family at our club as we are not the biggest in the area. We do make up for it in noise!

4. What was your greatest Volleyball achievement?

Playing at my beloved University of Sheffield 1st Team from 2013-2018 and finishing 3rd at the BUCS Student Cup one year. I have been very lucky in joining some very experienced coaches alongside the NW Boys Squads. Most of all is starting our Club's own Junior session, something I have been wanting to do for years.

5. What are you missing most during the lockdown?

Unsurprisingly it's being out on court playing matches and grafting away at training, with my teammates. No amount of Garden gym workouts or Cycling can make up for it unfortunately.

6. What are you looking forward to most once the lockdown is over?

Maybe getting to play the odd Beach Tournament depending on how things progress in the coming months. Getting started with training ahead of the new Indoor season, whenever it starts.