Warrington Volleyball Club

6 Quick Volleyball Questions With Jackie Gare


Don’t judge a book by its cover with Mrs.Gare, small but feisty! A Warrington VC regular since 2012.

1. How were you first introduced to Volleyball?

I was first introduced to volleyball in 1983/4 at school In Colombia (It was an Anglo/Colombian international school). We set up a little school team and the first few matches were dreadful, we could barely hit the ball and lost with so little points to our name. However, after a bit of practice we became quite good on the international school circuit and ended up winning some matches. I then came back to England and sadly didn't play again until my early 40s...a very long break!

2. What was the most difficult skill to master on court?

My most difficult skill to master has always been overarm serving and hitting as I'm quite short, so I need to hit up and over the net which kind of defeats the object and takes away the speed and power...

3. What makes you most proud of our Volleyball Family?

What makes me most proud of my volleyball family is when we just play and enjoy our matches, playing as one team with no blame apportioned to anyone if a shot goes badly. It's that trust and mutual respect for your fellow team members which will set your team apart from others. A positive vibe within a team where you are not worried about making mistakes is what will make your team grow and develop. And we are certainly trying to do that! We play better when we are having fun on court!

4. What was your greatest Volleyball achievement?

My greatest volleyball achievement? Well that's a difficult one, as I don't feel I have one! Most of them are little "wins" such as returning a massive hit from a younger male opponent or serving an ace. One of the loveliest moments was when I returned to volleyball as an older adult and won our first team league match after losing all our first matches. I was on such a high!

5. What are you missing most during the lockdown?

I am missing volleyball like mad during lockdown. The team, the banter, the exercise and the fun which volleyball brings. It's such a fun sport, I can never understand why it is not more popular in the UK!

6. What are you looking forward to most once the lockdown is over?

When lockdown is over, I am looking forward to meeting my team again and playing a good match with everyone again. I am sure we will be playing better than ever!